by Slonk Donkerson

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II is our second record.


released November 11, 2011

Slonk Donkerson is Dylan Vandenhoeck (bass,voice), Parker Silzer (guitars), Zack O'Brien (drums)

Recorded Summer 2011 at Kessler Media by Christina Picciano, Robert Kessler, and Slonk Donkerson. Mixed and Mastered by Slonk Donkerson at Kessler Media, Brown University, and Parker's basement.



all rights reserved


Slonk Donkerson New York, New York


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Track Name: The Edifice

There is not a path only the bearded, balding father pointing
Through the litter of the past and bracken of the future, pointing

The romance of the distance, oh!
The trumpet that we’re sure we may have heard
We walk ‘cause others walked before us and we’ve
Got to take their word

High valleys, crushing plains
We’ve learned to love the way of life, the quest
That we’ve been given
Trudging on by day
The memory remains of faces under-lit by fire
Old familiar glow of paint and poem
As powerful as words the faces spoke:

“Reach for the Edifice
Our fathers built it with their hands
This is a pilgrimage
This is the song that never ends”
Track Name: Radical Dude

all that he wants is a radical life, to live up to
past great minds and a forward thinking creed
it’s not enough to be the boy that everyone loves he’s
lost in the gray that he never used to see

stealing the heat of the music made in the foundry
laced with the verse at the meadowed edge of the sea,
here are words that I’m sure that I've misspoken
but now ain't a time that it matters that much to me

and you might feel like
now there's nothing left for you
but I've heard that one before
what's new?

and what we never feel we see in skin
that all the breaking up's just breaking in
but I could do much worse than being my dad
and If I'm blessed with this I'll face it that

these are the years we'll be desperate to hold onto.
haven't we learned that from every book we read?

and you might feel like
now there's nothing left for you
but I've heard that one before
what's new?
Track Name: Nobody Knows This Is Somewhere

don’t tell me you can’t be here
don’t tell me I’m too complacent
these distances
they speak with promise they can’t keep
don’t tell me you can’t be here

still they leave like they don’t care
like nobody knows this is somewhere
just the first in a lifetime
of leaving behind

say, "it’s time that you got moving.
statue stone with moss grown over."
subtleties are seen without a change of scene
but they say,
"don’t the world just make you wonder?"

then they leave like they don’t care
like nobody knows this is somewhere
just the first in a lifetime
of leaving behind

yeah I know this changes us
yeah I know its dangerous
but you stay and you get scared
that though you were okay you went nowhere
just the first in a lifetime
of changing your mind
Track Name: Old Mill River

I am just another white man
I have never seen a funeral
Pistol in hand, I wander the yard

I am an elderly woman
I am living with dementia
I go to the park to rip up the grass

Old Mill River
Covers the clover
A second is over
On an autumn day

I am the metal eraser
Some old picture of winter
Look at that kid-
Have you seen him before?

I am each and every morning
The real home video
What I see in my sleep
I see in memory more
Track Name: Dreaming's a Round Trip

Wake up and face the bludgeon
Colors fade as people touch them
What’s safe in your imagination
is distant here from lack of patience
what’s real is nondescript
you’ll be bummed when you find out that
dreaming’s a round trip

one way ticket bought
no second thought
if you could just drop out
we all would

ingratiating boys and pandering girls who dull with handling
who can blame you once for decorating all the blandness?

but detail's in the look you; give you gotta make the search
'cause light comes with a switch and you wake up and then you learn
dreaming's a round trip
Track Name: Heat of Night

Humid sun under the swampy sea
Disintegrates my eyes and sets me free

Is this the place from which they try to hide
When they're alone or on the outside?

Will I have to justify the time that I offer up
to Narcissus and nothingness?

In the heat of night, hell fucking no!
Track Name: The Same Mud

not much left to say
nobody wants the earth to slip away
but this temptation thrives
with both of us playing dumb
I know that we love
we still hide
the pleasures we'll never give up

we drag our feet through the same mud
we'll always play in the same mud

not much left to say
stones eroding slowly in the waves
we'll tell any fib to keep from lying
we plead our exceptions
On opposite the banks of the flood

we drag our feet through the same mud

you said there's not much left to say
Track Name: The Nile

when I was a child
floating down the Nile
I knew not what I’d be

no thought of modern trials
or Cleopatra’s smile
had ever reached my dreams

before the image had a word
before the movement was rehearsed
back when there was still a chance it all meant something

gone and going still
the memories distill
to painstaking reliefs

carved in sheets at night
she sleeps on her side
I count the in-betweens

I woke to water rushing in
fingers clutching at the fringes of a
feeling there's a chance it all meant something
Track Name: Worth Lifting

somebody said I don’t mind
I’ll work hard I didn’t say
it’s stupid but I want to
I wanna float
but you can’t float
you can’t just

now I gotta try
can’t only dream
hoping it works out that the
weight of the world’s worth lifting
treehouse tonight
let’s fucking drink
hangovers bad enough to
help us turn over new leaves

give me a call
I’ll show up and smiling
nailed to the wall
her nails that she’s filing
is there more than just
blacking out and
white lying?